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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soot Technique

Soot Technique

Stamp Set: Embace Life, Rough Texture Jumbo Roller

Paper: Basic Black, Kraft, Glossy White

Ink: Basic Black, Whisper White

Accessories: Silver Brads, Candle, Spray Sealer


You need the glossy white card stock and a candle. Have the shiny side of the card stock facing the flame of the candle. Keep it moving over the candle and checking it for how much soot is on it. Please be careful not to burn yourself or catch the paper on fire. Just keep checking until you have the right about of soot you want on the paper. It doesn't have to be all black, leave some white ares. Keep fingers off the side that the soot is on. Take your image stamp and press into the soot. If making more than one, clean you stamp between each time. The soot is on the stamp set so you need to clean for the next image on to the soot. Then take you spray sealer and spray little on the soot piece. Just make sure all of it is covered. If not the soot will rub off. Let dry and adhere to your card. Each piece will look different. Try this techique with different stamp set.

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